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Coprorate Training Consultancy Business package presenting tailor made high in demand information packed training seminars


One of the most lucrative areas that any Hypnotist, NLP’er or Mentalist can ever get involved with is presenting tailor made high in demand information packed training seminars and courses both for The General Public and also more lucratively for the Human Resources department of Corporate Companies and Organisations.

Within this amazing package you will be supplied with a total of 15 complete one and two day training course resource packages covering all of the subjects which follow:

01) Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Skills

02) Stress Management Training

03) Life Coaching Training

04) Train The Trainer Training

05) Sales Training Skills

06) Appraisal Skills Training

07) Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

08) Leadership Skills Training

09) Presentation Skills Training

10) Team Building Skills Training

11) Handling Complaints Training

12) Telephone Skills Training

13) Interview Skills Training

14) Customer Service Skills Training

15) Communication Skills Training

Each of the courses is supplied with a full timetable and running order of how to schedule and run the events, along with numerous (and we do mean lots) of professionally designed and extremely colourful and visual Power Point Presentation Slides which are used to help teach you the most important points of each subject matter mentioned above.

We also supply you with master copies for the course handouts which we would give to you if you’d attended one of these live training courses as previously presented by Jonathan Royle on many occasions with great success in order that by studying the notes, resource files and Power Point Slides in the comfort of your own home you can become both confident and competent in all of the 15 areas covered.

You’ll then be able to combine your existing Hypnosis and NLP skills and ultimately be in a position to offer fifteen different high in demand one and two day training courses both to the general public and also to the corporate sectors.

Many people are earning literally thousands of pounds a day presenting such seminars for companies and they are also the perfect lead in to attract you more clients for your related Stress Management and Hypnotherapy/NLP Services.

Similar (yet usually far inferior) ready made training packages have sold elsewhere separately for far more than the cost of this entire 15 course package.

This is all you need to start a Corporate Training Business. These essential Training packs are in high demand across corporations worldwide , These Training Modules are scond to none and provide everything required to Start your own Corporate Consultancy Business from home and earn in excess of $60,000 per annum!



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